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UNLOCKING APAC'S DIGITAL POTENTIAL 42 FUTURE WORKERS: FOCUS ON IN-DEMAND SKILLS, PARTICULARLY IN CLOUD COMPUTING To improve their chances of securing employment when they enter the workforce, students today will need to be educated in digital skills that could see the largest growth in demand by 2025 – in particular, the ability to design and refine new cloud architectures. The number of workers in the six countries requiring these skills is expected to grow at 36 percent per year from today's levels to 2025 – the highest across all digital skills (Exhibit 18). This is unsurprising given the increasing cloud technology adoption by organizations in the region. Recent research has shown that the cloud market in the APAC region is projected to grow 117 percent from USD 133 billion to USD 288 billion between 2019 and 2024. Correspondingly, the demand for cloud talent has risen. 46 An analysis of data on the LinkedIn jobs portal shows that cloud computing was the most demanded "hard skill" by companies in 2019, with half of the highest-paid jobs that year requiring knowledge of this emerging technology. 47 Across various sectors in countries, large-scale data modelling and database technology skills have been projected to be in high demand in 2025 (Exhibit 19). For the manufacturing sector, this is likely to be spearheaded by the increasing deployment of IoT and big data analytics. Regional frontrunner companies such as Toyota in Japan, and Hyundai Motor Group in South 46. DataCenterNews (2020), "APAC cloud market to grow 117% in five years – report". Available at: https://datacenternews.asia/story/apac-cloud-market-to-grow-117-in-five-years-report 47. LinkedIn (2019), "The skills companies need most in 2019". Available at: https://learning.linkedin.com/blog/top-skills/the-skills-companies-need-most-in-2019--and-how-to-learn-them 1. Based on the six APAC countries included in this study: Australia, Indonesia, India, Japan and South Korea 2. Under the "Digital leadership" scenario SOURCE: Digital Skills Worker Survey 2020 (n=3196); ILOSTAT; AlphaBeta analysis EXHIBIT 18: FUTURE WORKERS WILL NEED TO BE EDUCATED IN "IN-DEMAND" DIGITAL SKILLS SUCH AS DESIGNING CLOUD ARCHITECTURES TOP 10 DIGITAL SKILLS WITH PROJECTED FASTEST GROWING DEMAND BY 2025 IN APAC 1 35.8 35.2 34.6 34.5 30.7 28.4 27.6 26.1 14.5 14.3 Projected compound annual growth rate in no. of workers requiring skill, 2020-2025 (%) 2 Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Digital skill Design and refine new cloud and hybrid architectures Create operations support protocols for new software/hardware Create original digital content and the tools to develop them Create large-scale data models and database technology Develop digital security and cyber forensics tools, software and techniques Lead the end-to-end management of large complex digital projects Develop new digital communication and collaboration tools Use advanced problem-solving computational techniques Integrate digital tools to develop customized digital content or products Knowledge of data mining, engineering and science techniques

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