The Data-Informed Institution

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Content elements: › How education is using data for digital transformation › The mission and business value of data › Data, adaptability, and agility › Agility for data - 6 steps › How can we use data to bring adaptability to our institution? › In closing › About the author In closing A data-informed educational institution is one that puts data to work to improve mission outcomes, both by using data to drive a rigorous decision process and by making the data available for stimulating innovation and improving outcomes for students. When data is locked into an inflexible framework, siloed, or difficult to get at, it becomes a barrier to adaptability, preventing the institution from responding to opportunities or from innovating new ways to serve students. Even worse, when an organization doesn't drive its processes and investments through the use of data, it is foregoing important contact with the community it is trying to serve or passing up feedback that could help it succeed better in its initiatives. A data-informed organization, on the other hand, uses data to gain agility and uses agility to make its data more valuable. It is by doing so that we will create the higher education institution of the future. 18

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