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Leverage best in class tools in defending against ransomware

For public K12 institutions, ransomware attacks risk data and financial losses, as well as their reputation and trust in the critical services they provide. AWS, CrowdStrike, and Presidio help organizations establish a strong cloud security foundation to protect against ransomware attacks.

Hear how schools and governments are using standards and information from NIST security framework to gain comprehensive visibility and breach protection by quickly detecting and preventing attacks, mitigating risks by preventing lateral spread, and quickly recovering business operations through immutable cloud-based backup.

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Taking the first step towards cloud infrastructure migration
Taking the first step towards cloud infrastructure migration

Hear from a panel of IT leaders who have faced this decision and what motivated them to take the first step.

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Modernizing the research experience
Modernizing the research experience

Learn from a group of researchers who elevate their work using AWS technologies and services. Learn from a ...